Friday, March 7, 2014

Kelvin Bleu Upgrade

Hello fellow junkies!! I recently showed you Polished by KPT Kelvin Bleu, a scattered holographic thermal that knocked my socks off and kept me entertained for hours. Well, as promised, I revamped my mani after a couple of days because I really didn't want to take it off but wanted to do my nails. lol

Polished by KPT Kelvin Bleu

It's pretty basic but it did the trick. Also, there was a small amount of sunlight peaking through that day, so I got the holographic sparkle to appear for a brief debut. While it's not a super intense holo it's definitely evident and these pictures do not do it justice.

Kelvin Bleu Thermal

Kelvin Bleu Thermal

Gosh I cannot wait for Spring to show you how beautiful some of these recent holos actually are! Let's hope it comes sooner than later since I can't deal with negative degrees any longer.

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