Sunday, June 24, 2012

Rainbow Nails

Hiya! Today I'm rockin a gradient heartbeat mani using one of my new MASH Stamping Plates. I used two different colors on each nail in order to have a rainbow effect across my hand. With that in mind...I have 10 different stamping colors to list out as well as my base coat. 

Here we go....I started with 2 coats of Orly White Out and then stamped using these colors in the order shown (from pinky to thumb) with MASH plate #38. 

Rainbow Gradient Heartbeat Nails

Funky Yellow, Mandy, Myrta, Bite Me
Funky Yellow, Mandy, Myrta, Bite Me
Fuchsa, Let's Talk, Prince Charming
Fuchsa, Let's Talk, Prince Charming
Halley's Coment, Zuza, Four Leaf Clover
Halley's Comet, Zuza, Four Leaf Clove
After putting on a thick coat of Seche Vite topcoat, I noticed some slight smudging of the colors, particularly the purple ones. Overall I'm very happy with the way this turned out and just in time for PRIDE this weekend in Chicago! Happy PRIDE! 

Rainbow Gradient Heartbeat NailsRainbow Gradient Heartbeat Nails

Julep MandyOrly Halley's Comet

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  1. This looks great, I really like it!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you very much! I was feeling festive :)

  3. These are gorgeous!! So did you paint two colors on your stamping plate at one time or do each separately?

    1. Thank You Nicole! Yes, I used both colors on the plate and dragged my scraper sideways slightly to try and blend the line between colors.