Friday, June 1, 2012

Sneeze Breeze

Hi Ladies! Today I'm breaking out my Indie polish Sneeze Breeze by The Hungry Asian. This polish is full of blue and black solid glitter (meaning no sparkly sparkles) packed into a clear base.

Sneeze Breeze BottleSneeze Breeze Bottle 2

I started with two coats of Orly Liquid Vinyl and then two coats of Sneeze Breeze. This polish is a bit on the thick side, so I tried to do my coats as thin as possible and waited quite a while in between coats so I wouldn't have any dragging. 

Sneeze Breeze Mani

Two coats of glitter over two coats of a black....can you say THICK? I ended up using a thick coat of my lovely Seche Vite to smooth this bad boy out a bit. Overall this polish on its own takes quite a few coats but over black or blue, it's not necessary and looks even better in my opinion. 
Sneeze Breeze
Morning Sun
Sneeze Breeze
Sneeze Breeze Macro
Macro Shot
Like with any other glitter polish, get ready to chisel this crap off! I use the alien hand technique to remove this polish since that always seems to work the best. My alien hand technique is to use pure acetone on a cotton swab and wrap my finger tips with aluminum foil. I usually leave them on for about 4 minutes and then twist side to side pushing down on the swab to rub off the polish. Depending on the polish color it can stain the skin on the sides of your nail a bit, but it sure the heck beats scrubbing the crap out of your nails to get the glitter off. Don't forget to use some cuticle oil after pure acetone!

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