Saturday, June 2, 2012

Up Colors Azul Disco Stamping

Today I felt summer in my bones and had an urge to show off some stamping so the following mani was born. I started off with Sinful Colors base coat and then three thin coats of Funky Fingers Mrs. Mint. In the bottle, Mrs. Mint has a gorgeous gold shimmer but you don't see it on your nails until you've added a top coat. Kind of a bummer, but the mint green color is amazing. 
Funky Fingers Mrs. Mint
No Topcoat - Sunlight
Next I pulled out my Bundle Monster plates and used BM-208 along with Up Colors Azul Disco which is a bluish purple holographic nail polish. I got this polish recently and have not yet used it on a full mani so I am sure I will posting one relatively soon. 

Up Colors Azul Disco & Funky Fingers Mrs. Mint
Up Colors Azul Disco, Funky Fingers Mrs. Mint

Funky Fingers Mrs. Mint & Up Colors Azul Disco

The holographic effect supposedly gets dulled down when using a topcoat, but I found quite the opposite when using this for stamping. The color was darker and less reflective prior to the topcoat but it still looked nice. I took before and after pictures but they honestly didn't look much different on camera other than the color got a little lighter once the top coat was added. I will add my topcoat when stamping with a Holo simply for the shine factor and for longer wear.
Up Colors Azul Disco Stamping
Without Top Coat - Sunlight
Mrs Mint. & Azul Disco
With Top Coat - Sunlight
This is going to be a favorite of mine this summer, that's for sure! Thanks for checking me out, I know that I am still very very new so any feedback would be awesome! 


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