Thursday, May 1, 2014


I pulled out my stamper because I feel like I haven't touched it in months. I bought a new one a while back and it doesn't even transfer the image so after quite a bit of frustration I went back to my Konad stamper.

Below is two coats of Julep Hope, a stark white polish with a satin finish. I really liked this finish because it was matte-ish and looked really great on the white. I used Julep Eden and NOPI Teal Me Something New on the MoYou London plate #04 from the Pro Collection for the dandelions and the cursive writing. 

Julep Hope

It felt really good to have some pretty art on my nails! I've been doing quick mani's with minimal nail art lately so it was nice having a gorgeous mani I kept finding myself looking at and showing off. 


Hopefully you all have on a mani that makes you smile! 

Thanks for stopping by!


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