Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Today I have on Layla Magnetic Effect polish in Lilac that I received in my Nail Art Society package. This polish is quite opaque, as the magenetic polishes tend to be, and applied smoothly. I applied the polish to one nail at a time since the magnet is to be held over the nail while it is still wet. I alternated the direction of the magnet on every other nail so that I had vertical stripes on my middle finger and pinkie and horizontal stripes at a slight angle on my index and ring finger. The magnetic effect was pretty strong as well, even though the vertical stripes are a bit hard to see here.

Layla Lilac

I know these magnetic polishes were quite popular but I've never gotten on board since I prefer other forms of nail art. Did you like the magnetic trend? Was there anything interesting you were able to do with these magnets?

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