Monday, April 7, 2014

Emily de Molly - Land of Confusion

I must start with OH MY GOD!

I recently bought my first ever Emily de Molly holographic (Land of Confusion) and I immediately needed to get it on my fingertips. Maybe I'm a freak but you know that feeling when something is soo amazing, or cute, or precious, (like the cutest kitten you've ever seen) and you just want to squeeze it and never let go? That is this polish! Every stinkin thing about this polish is absolutely mindblowing.

It glowed! It shined! It cured world hunger!

I have officially stated for the whole wide interweb to hear......That this is my favorite holographic polish I have ever owned!

Enough want pics right? Well here you go.

This was 2 coats of Land of Confusion with no top coat. Pictures were taken outside in natural sun. No flash was used to strengthen the look of these holographic prisms.

Emily de Molly Land of Confusion

This lovely turquoise green holo had fantastic coverage. One coat could easily spice up some undies however with only two coats you have a bright polish with full opacity. I didn't have an visible nail lines. The formula was fantastic. I didn't have a single drag and it went on thin and smooth.

Emily de Molly Land_of_Confusion

I honestly just cannot rave about this polish enough. The strength of this holo pretty much matches Layla or the Color Club Halo Hues however the brightness in the polish is what is truly amazing to me. A lot of the time there seems to be a dulled silvery color in the shade and even in normal indoor lighting, however this polish was gorgeously bright. The most successful result of a bright turquoise green I've ever seen.


Even my dull work lights allowed the holo to show but about 90% of my holographic polishes don't have enough Umph to put there best foot forward under those awful lights. I wore this polish for over a week with no chipping, just a little tip wear. Without topcoat...that's a feat in itself!

Well, you better believe that I'm probably going to go broke buying up these lovely Emily de Molly polishes. Do you have any EDMs...what's your favorite?


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