Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Fandom Cosmetics - Expelliarmus

A sunset....I've got a sunset on my hands! Fandom Cosmetics released some limited edition Harry Potter polishes with their 'The Battle of the Seven Potters' Collection and I was lame enough to only get one. I am however also fabulous enough to have gotten one. Guess it depends on which way you want to look at it. Lets go with fabulous :)

Expelliarmus is a beautiful red/pink/orange multichrome that is sheer with one or two coats but has nice buildability. This is one of the most amazing multichromes I've been able to photograph. As you know, I go picture happy when the polish decides to put on a good show, so grab a glass of wine, sit back and enjoy the sunset.

These pictures were taken outside in the shade on a sunny day, with 4 four coats of Expelliarmus and top coat.

Fandom Cosmetics_Expelliarmus


The color shifts between pink, orange and sometimes yellow is so strong that it almost appears as there is color blocking on my nails.



Okay so I mentioned that it's very sheer with only 1 or 2 coats, so I layered Expelliarmus over black, and it brought the colors to a whole other level. It resulted in providing more of a purple base versus a red base. It's amazing!

These pics have 4 coats of Expelliarmus on my index and middle fingers and then one coat of black undies with 2 thin coats of Expelliarmus on my ring finger and pinky. They also have top coat.

Fandom Cosmetics Expelliarmus

Fandom Cosmetics Expelliarmus


So, pick up a towel and wipe down the puddle of drool that has certainly formed on the floor beneath you. If you were lucky enough to get Fandom Cosmetics Expelliarmus thank your lucky stars! By far, the best mutichrome I've ever seen.

I also think their bottles are amazing. Often times you buy a polish as part of a collection and until you look at the name (on the bottom), you might not know what collection it's part of. These bottles have the Deathly Hallows symbol on the front and I love it. I'm a total HP nerd so I'm all around in heaven!

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