Sunday, September 23, 2012

Franken Polish - Neptune Moon

"Waaasssuuuppp?!?!?!" "Nuthin, havin some milk...watchin the game." "True True"   This makes me laugh soo hard! Hope you are enjoying a day full of football.

Anywho, Today I have a franken polish that I created using a suspension base and some multi-colored blue glitter with a small kick of semi holographic topaz blue glitter. Her name is Neptune Moon.

This polish ended up a bit thicker than I prefer, so what I've done is add some underpants to 2 of my nails to add a tint of purple and allow for a much thinner application of the glitter in order to obtain a fully opaque look. I think I prefer this over just the glitter.

This is three thick coats of Neptune Moon on my middle finger and pinky and two thin coats of China Glaze Secret Peri-winkle and two coats of Neptune Moon on my pointer and index fingers. All nails have on layer top coat which did pretty well at smoothing out this glitter bomb.




I do truly love the sparkle and bright color of this polish. What's fun is that the semi-holographic particles look pink until it dries, and then it turns blue (You can see the pink sparkles in the bottle photo but none of my nails). It's fun to watch it change colors. ☺

What do you think of the polish? Is it something you would wear?


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