Friday, September 28, 2012

ManGlaze ILF

Today I have my first ManGlaze polish to show you. I've been wanting to try this brand for a while now since I love me some matte polish! ManGlaze had a sale a little while back on Facebook and I picked up ILF and some Franken Juggs empty nail polish bottles.

ILF is a gorgeous teal polish with a silver micro shimmer. The polish is obviously a matte but the shimmer takes this polish to a new level! I think what I love most about this polish is that although it's teal which is always a favorite of mine, it has a hint of sea foam green which mellows it out rather than a teal bitch slap to the retina. That combined with the matte effect makes this an office appropriate color. At least for my office...but I tend to wear whatever I want since I do not work with the public.

The consistency of this polish was great and it applied like butter in thin coats. This polish went above and beyond expectations!

The artwork on these bottles are always kick ass! Zombie chicks with big tits, Raunchy Eye Balls and middle fingers...what else could you ask for? Check these bottle shots out!

They included some stickers, temporary tattoos and a guitar pick that I believe is intended to be a can opener. They wouldn't want you to chip a nail!

ManGlaze polishes can be purchased on Amazon or on their 'crappy website'.
Mink Mitten is next on my must have list from ManGlaze! What's your favorite ManGlaze polish?


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