Friday, March 22, 2013

Nail Art Society March

I got my March Nail Art Society package in the mail over the weekend and was yet again unimpressed. They sent some nail polish wraps and a bunch of different 3D nail art supplies for a '3D Freestyle' month.

The card they usually send says that they've listened to suggestions received from members and have dedicated this month to us. Seems kind of like a cop out to me. Nail art wraps don't even constitute as a polish in my mind. And that's what they originally offered (2 polishes each month plus nail art supplies). They've since changed the description but they've consistently under delivered for me, so I'm not upset at this point. 

This is what they've sent this month. 

NAS March

NAS March
 Caviar beads, pink flower stick ons and sheer yellow iridescent drops

NAS March
3D Flowers and apple slices

The one good thing that NAS is going this month is that they are holding contests for the most creative use of the NAS accessories. Share your nail art pictures with NAS on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, or any other social media site.

I've mentioned before that I am locked into the $9.95 price so I will probably get a few more months because I'm sure as soon as I cancel there will be a great month and I'll be pissed. The $10 is relatively worth it to get some things I wouldn't ever really buy myself. 

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  1. Wait, they used to send out 2 polishes?!

  2. When I first signed up the subscription description said at least 2 polishes plus nail art supplies. People started complaining bc that wasn't what they were sending so they chnaged the description to be vague and you'll notice it doesn't say anything about quantity or value of what you will get each month. They then raised the price after a few months. Lame....