Friday, July 27, 2012

Color Changing Top Coats

*Waves*  Today I am bringing to you some home made color shifting top coats. I got some amazing mica pigments off the TKB Trading website and these beauties are mind blowing. 

I've pulled together some pictures that show what these suckers can do over black. They can add some color and shine to any polish but you can actually see their gorgeous color shifting the best over black. All pictures start with two coats of Orly Liquid Vinyl.
First up is the pigment called Cherika Moon that shifts from purple to blue. This two coats of Cherika Moon. 



Cherika Moon

Shanira Sun shifts between what looks like three different shades of green. It changes from a light yellowish green to a deeper green and then bluish green.

Color Shifting Top Coat

Shanira Sun

So this was my first attempt at any kind of polish creation and although it's as basic as it gets....adding pigments to a top still took some time to get the right amount for the best application. I also attempted to use a luster base that is good for suspending mica but it had the slightest yellow tint to it. Ultimately, I liked having these pigments in some Seche Vite to kill 2 birds with 1 stone. It takes some time for mixing since the particles settle at the bottom but it mixes quite easily by adding some mixing balls to the bottle.

These are really great though and look fantastic in real life. I don't think that they sell these exact pigments anymore but they definitely have others to choose from.

Do you have any frankening war stories? 



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    1. Thank you Essie Rae! The color shifting in these pigments are actually quite fantastic.