Sunday, July 8, 2012

Zoya Surf Collection

Hey girlies! Today I have three polishes from the 2012 Zoya Surf Collection to share with you. Myrta, Kimber and Zuza all have a foil-like finish with a fabulous shimmer that pretty much makes these babies glow. 

Zoya Surf Collection
Myrta, Kimber, Zuza
Myrta is an orange coral like color with red undertones and gold and silver metallic shimmer that applies really well to the nail. The formula is fantastic as usual for Zoya and this is two coats. This bright orange color is fabulous and one of my favorites in the collection.

Zoya Myrta
Kimber is a bright magenta pink polish with a gold metallic shimmer that can sometimes look orange on the nail (the shimmer, not the polish color). This polish is so bright it's hard to believe it doesn't glow in the dark! The color is amazing and that's saying a lot from someone who doesn't like pink.  

Zoya Kimber

Zuza is a bright turquoise with strong gold and silver metallic shimmer that shines extremely bright. This is a color that turns heads and is a must have for everyone's summer collection.

Zoya Zuza

These polishes are amazing. Zoya always has a fantastic formula with no streaking or flooding of the cuticles and this collection is no exception. Two coats is all that's needed for perfect coverage. The colors are breathtaking and beyond perfect for summer! 

Do you have a favorite color from the Surf Collection? 


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