Saturday, July 14, 2012

Julep Marathon

Hi Ladies! So I've totally been M.I.A lately so I apologize...I know I only have a few followers so maybe you didn't even notice. *shrug*  I hope I was gone just long enough to make you miss me. ☺

Anywho...I have a whole bunch of Julep polish that I've gotten in my monthly Maven boxes and other sales I was lucky enough to catch and I don't think I've even shown you any of them. I decided to swatch them all and bring them to you in a series of posts over the next few days. 

Here is a list of the polishes that you'll be seeing. 
  • Taylor - Deep blurple creme
  • Daphne - Deep seafoam green creme
  • Jessica - Soft baby blue creme
  • Brooke - Sheer shimmery purple
  • Mila - Charcoal multi-colored glitter
  • America The Beautiful - Shiny red with royal blue glitter and sterling silver stars
  • Mischa - Cherry scarlet micro-shimmer
  • Mandy - Bright coral-pink creme
  • Jodie - Deep rose with golden shimmer 
  • Pippa - Neutral camel creme
  • Kate - Soft white pearl

The first post will be up later this morning (since it's after midnight as I am writing this). Hopefully you guys like the chance to see a handful of colors at once.

Thanks for stopping by and check back a little later for the first leg of the Julep Marathon.   

I'll leave you with this funny/adorable/completely inappropriate picture. God I love the crap you can find on the internet. 



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