Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Zoya Gradient

Hi lovelies! Today I am wearing three gorgeous shades from Zoya. I started with a base of Song and the gradient is using Charla and Ivanka. The gradient polishes are categorized as metallic but they have visible particles rather than a smooth finish. It also seems to me like these both have a hint of duo-chrome to them.

Song, Charla, Ivanka
Song is from the 2012 NYFW Diva Collection and is described as a 'vibrant primary blue with silver and blue glittery metallic sparkle'. Charla is described as 'tropical blue' while Ivanka is described as 'mermaid green'. They both seem to have hints of blue and green in them which is why they look so freakin amazing together.


This is two coats of Song which applied nice with no streaking. I used a makeup sponge with a stripe of Ivanka at the very tip then Charla and then Song. Having all three colors on the sponge helps the gradient to be quite smooth rather than distinct lines of each color.

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  1. Oh goodness! This is awesome. So pretty and great choices for colors.

  2. I wanna all them *__*

    You have an award in my blog http://wownailart.blogspot.com.es/2012/11/premios-gracias-por-tu-naturalidad.html

  3. Beautiful! I will try this one!!!