Friday, October 12, 2012

Julep Trick or Treat Mystery Box

Trick or Treat Mystery Boxes are available until October 19th with Free Shipping and delivery for U.S customers by Halloween!

Seems like you could get a variety of different items in this mystery box from accessories to nail decals and at least two polishes! Boxes have a $46 value and cost $19.99.

Trick or Treat
Skull Bracelet - Nail Deals
Skull Scarf
At least TWO surprise colors

Get at least two BOO-tiful colors plus one spooky surprise just in time for Halloween.* Grab your goodies before they're gone! Make sure you stop by and grab your mystery box before they are all gone. If you could kindly use my link I'd love you forever!!

I hope I get whatever that orange/pink polish shown is and the skull bracelet! Hey, maybe they will even include Sophia, the glow in the dark nail polish that so many people missed out on with the October upgrades.

Are you hoping on this Mystery Box or passing?


1 comment:

  1. saw this on my email but i'm gonna have to say pass =/ hopefully you get what you want tho <3