Saturday, October 20, 2012

Julep Mystery Box

Hi Ladies! I ended up jumping at the Julep Trick or Treat Mystery Box and it has arrived at my doorstep (and rather quickly I might add). The Mystery Box mentioned that you'd get at least two polishes and another special item which were all Halloween related. Wanna see what I got?

 Julep Trick or Treat Mystery Box

Upon opening my box I saw the iconic Halloween treat, Candy Corn, smiling up at me. I don't eat them but they always scream Halloween to me! I received two glitter pots, in red and pink. Pink seemed a bit's not what I think of when someone says Halloween. I also received the nail water decals and a skull bracelet. Unfortunately the bracelet was snapped in half. I couldn't tell you what the material is, but it's definitely cheap costume jewelry. Not to mention it looks as though it will only fit someone with small wrists. I did send an email to Julep mentioning the broken bracelet and they responded promptly that they would send me another bracelet or a polish of my choice. I have so say that is some amazing customer service! Julep never lets me down! I will be choosing another polish since I didn't get what I was hoping for in my mystery box....any suggestions?

So here are the two polishes I received in my box: Parker and Morgan


Parker is a flat looking orange in the bottle but I've used it for my Halloween mani and it's much brighter and a touch more neon out of the bottle. Julep describes it as a golden tangerine creme. I would say that description is good for what it looks like in the bottle but it's not golden at all on my nails and I'm happy it's not. It's a good orange for all your spooky manis.

Morgan is a bright purple with blue and pink micro-shimmer particles. It looks much like the zillion other purples with micro-shimmer. I will probably try to swap this polish for something else on the Julep Swap Facebook page. If you haven't heard of it you can check it out here.

I had been hoping to get the orange/pinkish shimmer polish they had in their Mystery Box email, or possibly the glow in the dark Sofia, but I'm happy with Parker since I can't say I have many orange creme polishes.

What did you get in your Mystery Box?


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