Friday, October 26, 2012

Layla Hologram Effect - Cloudy Violet & Ocean Rush

Happy Friday!! Today I'm wearing two of my new Layla Hologram polishes that I ordered from Hautelook a few weeks back. The Hologram polishes were on sale for $9 each which is pretty amazing since they are usually $15 bucks. Plus each polish came with the Base File that is supposed to prep your nails for a better holographic effect. If memory serves correctly, I believe these files were $5 at Ulta and I passed since I already have Nfu-Oh Aqua Base.

Today I have on Cloudy Violet and Ocean Rush!

Layla Hologram

I started with a coat of Aqua Base and then one coat of Cloudy Violet. I then layered on the Aqua Base again before a second coat of Cloudy Violet. I find that this gives an extra kick of holo! Once the second coat was completely dry I used some striping tape to place some off centered and geometric tips. This is one coat of Ocean Rush on my tips. I was impressed with the color quality in only one coat. It might not be as deep if it weren't already over another color...but still.

I did add a coat of Seche Vite since without it my mani wouldn't have lasted a day. I don't find that the holo is diminished enough to not use it when I want my mani to last.

Layla Cloudy Violet and Ocean Rush

I can never get enough of the Layla polishes. They dry super fast, have a great formula and a really great holographic effect. What's your favorite Hologram polish?



  1. i've never tried a holo polish yet! i bought one the other day to have for christmas which is just a silver one but i love both of these colours and they look great together :)

    1. They are gorgeous, you will love it! Just remember to apply it with a light hand as they tend to streak or give you bald spots without using an aqua base. :)