Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Nail Art Society Package

Hi guys! I realized that I never showed you my February Nail Art Society Package. I joined this subscription when it first started at the cost of $9.95; Before they raised the price to $19.95.

What I received in the Feb package was a Finger Paints polish called Art You Kidding Me?, a dotting tool, some small golden chain, a pink heart nail buffer and some pink lace to use for nail art. I'm an idiot and realized afterward that there were some little plastic cursive 'Love' pieces as well although I forgot them for this picture (but I borrowed a picture from a fellow blogger below).

Nail Art Society

Courtesy of You Had Me At Makeup
'Each month they deliver the latest tools, polishes and nail accessories to your door for you to recreate current nail trends at home. They provide exclusive access to Q&A's, video tutorials, trend reports, and tips from Celebrity Nail Artists, Bloggers and Beauty Insiders.'

Sooo...I've gotten 2 packages so far and their site is a bit misleading because they list brands such as Essie, Zoya, LVX, OPI, and China Glaze but I've gotten Finger Paints and some other relatively cheap brand polishes. I do like that they give you different tools and nail art accessories. They also give you some ideas on what to do with the products and a step by step instruction for a specific manicure they seem to like from a blogger. For the $9.95 price tag I will continue for a few more months, but I can honestly say that the $19.95 price tag is not worth it in my opinion.



  1. I got my first one in February. The polish I got was Louvre This Pink though. And I didn't get the "Love" pieces. Do they usually send different things to everyone?

    1. From what I've seen it seems like most people get the same things. If you've gotten most of the same things as me, it's possible that they substitute different items when they run out? Honestly I'm not sure.