Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Mystery Clouds

Hello Hello

Is it spring yet? Soon enough I guess, it just won't stop snowing here. The Tulips in my front yard must be confused. *shrug*

Anyways..on to the good stuff right? :)

Julep Mystery Green

This is two coats of Julep Mystery Green #4 which is a cross between turquoise and mint green. It went on pretty smooth and the consistency was nice; not too thin, not to thick and it leveled quite nicely.

I stamped the clouds using Konad black and BM-312.

Julep Mystery Green

Julep Mystery Green

I LOVE this color! It's a shame that I found this color so late as it was a limited shade and probably won't be offered again. I guess I'll have to treasure this bottle.  

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  1. Hi Linda, I'm looking for information on Julep's mystery colors, and I haven't found much so far. Why do you call yours "Mystery Green #4"? How many mystery colors do you know of? I've only heard of two mystery greens (plus a brown, two blues, a yellow, and a glitter). Thanks!