Sunday, January 26, 2014

Holo Hearts

Hello ladies! Life has been crazy to say the least but I'm getting back into a steady stream of free time to spend as I please.  That means more nail polish!

I've got a quick post today sharing some lovely holographic polish I bought for cheap off Amazon. Nabi Hologram is the brand but their names are not very all. Teal is the name of the base color with lime green hearts in Green. The polish didn't drag and two coats of the teal provided full coverage. 

I'll have some new fun polish to show you soon. I'd really love it if you could leave some comments as to what you would like to see!

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    1. Thanks! The Teal was actually quite vibrant..I loved it! Pretty amazing considering the polish was soo cheap. I think they were about $5 each after shipping.