Monday, August 12, 2013

KKCenterHK - N.NAIL Square Studs Review

Hi guys!

I've been contacted by KKCenterHK, a cosmetic supply company located in Hong Kong, to do a review of a few of their products. I chose today's item from their huge selection of nail studs that can be found here. These 3mm laser purple studs are from the N.Nail manufacturer and are quite beautiful. They have little holographic circles within the stud that shine from different angles and can really catch the light. If you've got your own link to this site you can search for product # NNAIL-DRN656.

The package came with about 50 little pieces in a zipper bag which I thought was nice since you won't have to find a new home for these guys after you open it once. They cost about $4.73 USD and their shipping is pretty reasonable. (It would be $0.84 USD for this item.)  Keep in mind it's coming from Hong Kong so it will take a while to arrive.

These babies have to be made of some sort of thin metal since I was easily able to bend in the edges a bit to keep them from looking raised off the nail. Okay Okay onto how I transformed these light seeking missiles.

This was two coats of Julep Dianna with a taped off diamond of Zoya Robyn. While the nail polish was still tacky, I used tweezers to get the N.Nail studs lined up and dropped them on. They were repositionable to an extent without ruining my paint job. The whole look was covered with a thick coat of Seche Vite.

Overall I loved these studs! I didn't have any issues getting them to stay on my nail even just adding them on top of tacky nail polish although I know for extra stability you can apply with a little bit of top coat. I also loved that you could bend them a bit if you have a high arch to your nail, and the purple color is great.

These pics were taken indoors so I noticed that the color reflections of the studs was nicer outside however we haven't had any sun in a while *sigh*

This was the first product I've tried from KKCenterHK and was very impressed. Their selection is great and pricing is comparable across the internet. Definitely check out their site and take the plunge to expand you nail art selections or even other beauty items.

They've been kind enough to provide a 10% discount code for my readers! Just enter the code ' NYMN ' at checkout to get the discount!

Have a great week lovelies!


*This product has been provided for my honest review. Links are to a 3rd party website*

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