Sunday, May 13, 2012

Holographic Mermaids?

What a gorgeous day! It's been so gloomy lately that I almost forgot what the sunshine felt like. I wanted my nails to reflect the sunshine vibe so I decided to use a gorgeous new holographic nail polish that I picked up at my local Ulta.

I started with a base coat of Essie Mint Candy Apple whose formula I was not happy with at all. It had a lot of dragging and it was one of the fastest drying polishes I've ever used. I have other Essie polishes and have not had this issue before. I knew this polish was not a one coater so I was trying to do two thin coats. If I needed to double dip my brush for the side of a nail I was having issues with the polish pulling as it was already starting to dry. Crazy! If I wasn't applying such thin coats maybe I wouldn't have had such an issue but it was annoying to say the least. I do LOVE the color though! 

Essie Mint Candy Apple

Essie Mint Candy Apple 2

After two coats I added two thin coats of Layla Hologram Effect in Mermaid Spell. I was my first time using this brand and it might have been human error, but the polish was loosening the base coat and causing a strange glopping effect. After my first two nails I decided to use a thin coat of Sally Hansen Fast Dry top coat before Mermaid Spell and didn't have the problem after that. I think this is one of the best Holographic nail polishes I have seen, which makes it worth the price as it was on the high side. I paid $15.50 and feel it was worth every penny.

Layla Hologram Effect Mermaid Spell
Layla Hologram Effect Mermaid Spell
Layla Hologram Effect Mermaid Spell 2

The holographic effect takes over the color of the base coat but it still has hints of Mint Candy Apple peaking through and the light teal color that shows when indoors still has a strong holographic effect. Obviously it catches every color in the spectrum when outside, but I was very impressed at how pretty it is indoors. Overall I am very happy with this Layla polish and will probably be searching the web for other polishes that they make. 

Do you have a favorite holographic nail polish? 

I'm still brand new to this so any feedback on what you'd like to see will be greatly appreciated. Thanks for checking me out!


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