Friday, September 6, 2013

Turquoise Nails

This is my attempt at Turquoise nails based on a method I saw a few other bloggers use. I guess you could also call this a recreation of OPI spotted too...maybe..kinda-sorta. You just have to adjust the size of the holes but you certainly could achieve that look using this technique.

Tuquoise Nails
Indoors - Artificial Light
I started with two coats of Julep Mystery Green #4 and then used some scrunched up seran-wrap to dab on Julep Robin (a robin's egg blue creme) and Julep Sienna (a metallic gold). To achieve the black spots I started with a cup of room temp water and 3 drops of OPI Black Onyx in the water. Once the polish spread out, I sprayed Rubbing Alcohol from about 8 inches above the cup between 2 and 4 times to get the black spots the way I liked. I chose a section of the design and dipped in my nail.

Tuquoise Nails
Outdoors - Shade
Tuquoise Nails
Outdoors - Direct Sunlight
After I got all my nails dipped and cleaned up I added a few dots of Sienna randomly across the nails. I liked the way the gold peaked through slightly from behind the black but also really liked the look of the additional golden dots.

Tuquoise Nails

So in the end, there was a bit too much black for me to think this actually looks like turquoise but I am loving the look!  What do you think?