Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Cartoon Nails

Today I have some nail art that I did on my pumpkin. She saw some Cartoon Nails during one of her 4 hour spans on Pinterest and begged me to do these for her. I'm not sure where this originated, but here is the pin she asked me to recreate.

Cartoon Nails

I approached the 'reflection' on the nail a little differently and I think it came out quite well. We all know my lines are never straight and smooth but the teeny tiny nails didn't help either. However, it's always nice to do someone else's nails every once and a while. 


This is two coats of SinfulColors Innocent, the black liner is a Cherimoya 'Nail Art Pen' (which is not a pen, but a bottle of black with the striper brush). The white reflection is Milani White on the Spot and it's topped with Seche Vite. 

Thanks for stopping by guys! 


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