Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Cirque Epoch

Hello my lovelies!

During my last trip to NYC for work, I made a point to head over the a boutique (International Playground) to get some Cirque polishes. I ended up getting three while there and all of them are fantastic.

This is Epoch, whose main color is teal but she changes to blue and purple at different angles. Epoch in the bottle is fantastic, there's this purple ring around the outside of the bottle that let's you know she's going to be gorgeous.

This is two coats of Epoch over 1 coat of OPI Black Onyx.

Oddly enough the purple didn't show all that much for me on the nail. There were gorgeous shade shifts between dark teal and blue but the purple was a dark vampy purple versus a bright grape purple. It's also beautiful how the color seems to have a dark ring around the edges of the nail. This is such a fascinating effect that I rarely see in a polish color that I love.

This was the first Cirque polish I've tried and the quality is definitely fantastic. Great brush and the consistency was perfect. Dry time was actually pretty quick as well.

Cirque polishes can be bought at a handful of boutiques around NYC or you can purchase them online here. This polish was $13 USD while some of her holographic and other specialty polishes can run a little higher at $15 USD.

I have 2 holographic polishes to share with you as well, so don't go far!

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