Sunday, February 3, 2013

Halo Hues 2013 - Over The Moon

Hi Lovelies! Today I have on Color Club Over The Moon from the 2013 Halo Hues Collection. In 2012 they released 6 holographic polishes and in early 2013 they released 6 more. Over The Moon is a vibrant blue with a fabulously strong holo. All the colors from the 2013 are bright and lively rather than semi-muted tones from the 2012 release (in my opinion).

This is a base coat of Nfu-Oh Aqua Base and two coats of Over The Moon.

CC OverTheMoon

Color Club Over The Moon


I have used an Aqua Base sandwhich approach with Layla Holographics in the past and it seemed to make the holographic effect stronger for the 2nd coat, however with this polish I did not see much of a difference. It doesn't matter because I was very impressed with how great this holo was!

Check out this AmaZing bottle shot!

ColorClub OverTheMoon

Only a few etailers have these available right now - I grabbed mine for $6.50 each at I also picked up a gorgeous orange, Cosmic Fate, and a bright purple, Eternal Beauty so make sure you stop by to check out these other beauties!

Have you picked up any of the 2013 holographics? What's you're favorite?



  1. I managed to get them all! I love this one, it's so amazingly holo!

    Really been impressed with them.

    1. Fantastic! I really do think they are right up there with Layla's holos which are amazing! I can't wait for the China Glaze holos to come out to see how they will compare.