Sunday, February 17, 2013

OPI Liquid Sand vs. Zoya Pixie Dust

Today I wanted to give you a comparison of OPI Get Your Number and Zoya Nyx. Both are textured polish that have been described as gritty, sandy or sugary that dry to a matte finish. All pictures have three coats for full coverage and deeper color.

OPI Get Your Number (GYN) is a bright blue with holographic glitter and sparkles within the polish and dries very gritty like rough sand.


Zoya Nyx is a light periwinkle purple and feels much like a fine grit nail file. There are no large 'chunks' in the polish and it's much smoother than OPI.


The texture of these polishes are absolutely 100% different. The OPI is soo coarse that it could pull a sweater while the Zoya definitely would not. Nyx truly feels like a fine grit nail file with a consistently bumpy feel to it. GYN has smaller and larger particles that can be compared to sugar in the raw granules.

Get_Your_Number and Nyx


OPI Liquid Sand

Zoya Nyx and OPI Get Your Number

If you are not the type of person to like textured nails, you might still like Zoya Pixie Dust if you don't mind glitter, while OPI Liquid Sand is probably just too much for you.


Personally, I loved the OPI Liquid Sand, I couldn't stop touching my nails! GYN is my choice from these two, because of the true gritty texture, the significant sparkle and the bright color. Nyx seemed a bit dull in comparison although there were bits of shimmer and sparkle it was no where near as prominent as GYN.

OPI Liquid Sand is part of the 2013 Mariah Carey Collection and can be picked up for $9 USD. There are four different colors with this Liquid Sand texture however they are all slightly different in style.

The Zoya Pixie Dust Collection can be found on for $9 USD and there are six different choices all with the same look and feel.



  1. Thanks for the comparison! I don't have GYN but I got the stars in The Impossible stuck on everything! :)

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