Saturday, August 25, 2012

Energy Vs Hera

I've recently showed you some swatches of Jade Energy and Hits Hera which are both teal holographic polishes. Before getting my hands on Energy I assumed that they were going to be very close but taking a look side by side you can see the differences. The main difference is the underlying base color.

Energy leans more towards blue while Hera is more green based.

Jade Energy and Hits Hera
I have Energy on my index and ring finger, and Hera on my middle finger and pinky.

These are the pictures that most clearly showed the differences but about half of the pictures I took you could hardly see the difference. Lighting has a lot to do with that because indoors the colors are plainly different while outside the holo effect makes it more difficult to distinguish which was which.

Indoors taken by a window
I ended up stamping over this with Color Club Wild at Heart and MASH Plate #44.

Once I stamped over these you couldn't even see the color differences between Energy and Hera.

So which do you prefer, Energy or Hera?



  1. They are both stunning, but I think I prefer Hera. I like that it is slightly more green

  2. Both are pretty but i prefer jade because is more blue :)

  3. The stamping you did is so PRETTY! Thank you for doing a comparable. I ended up going with Jade... I think the holo is just a little more stunning.

    1. Thanks Gabby! I agree that the Jade Holo was a bit stronger, but you can't go wrong with either. ☺