Friday, August 3, 2012

I Got A New Com-pewter

Today I am rockin a bright new polish! This is I Got A New Com-pewter from the Wet n Wild Chrome Collection and boy oh boy is it shiny! The lime green color is amazing but the formula was a little thick and gloopy. The bottle is essentially mini at .29 fl oz and retails for $4 USD but I'm sure this will rock for stamping. 

This is two coats with no top coat and the pictures were taken outside in morning sun. 

Wet_n_Wild Chrome

Lime green chrome

The color of this polish changes quite a bit from natural sunlight to artifical light so here is a pic from inside. I love that the polish actually looks much more rich indoors while maintaining it's 'chrome' finish. 

Wet n Wild I got a new com-pewter

The Wet n Wild Chrome Collection consists of 8 different polishes although the display I saw only had about 4 and this lime green was the only stand out. I've seen swatches online since buying this and there are some awesome looking colors but unfortunately not in Walgreens I found this at. 

Overall the polish was pretty good. It dried relatively quickly and you might be able to get away with one coat if applied properly but I had some dragging. I'd like to get my hands on a few of the other colors to see if the formula is the same on the whole collection. 

So what do you think? Would you wear a lime green chrome polish?



  1. I'll have to keep an eye out for these, this is pretty!

    Want to let you know I nominated you for an award here:

    1. Thank you Jen! That's very sweet of you!

  2. What a unique color! I think I would wear this polish, it's funky and cool!

    1. Funky is the perfect term for this polish! :)